We’re back in action! Lots of new updates and products!

Hello everyone! It’s been a few YEARS since I’ve so much as logged in to this blog. When I first began by posting my Giraffe Amiguriumi pattern, my wife and I were expecting twins and I was getting close to starting nursing school. It’s been one big, wonderful blur since then!

Our twins, Harper and Elliott, were born prematurely in November of 2014. After long stays in the NICU (a month for Elliott, almost two for Harper) they have grown into thriving, hilarious, challenging little people. They are three and a half now, and they keep us running from morning until night. They’re the coolest people we know!

Also, I am nearly finished with nursing school! I’ll graduate on May 10th, and I’ll be working on the unit I currently work on as a PCT. It’s the greatest personal accomplishment I’ve ever been able to claim, and I am just SO excited.

So, on to crafts. Now that nursing school is drawing to a close and the concept of free time is once again looming on the horizon, I have made indulging in my hobbies a priority for the first time in such a long time. There are a few fun things I am working on.

Crochet Patterns – I have three in the works at the moment! A free pattern for the Elmo amigurumi I made for a friend’s daughter several years ago and two patterns that will be for sale on my Etsy shop: Spider-man and Moana!

SLIMES! – This has been taking up SO much of our time lately. The twins kept begging me for slime after seeing it on YouTube so frequently. Ashley and I must have tried 1000000+ recipes for different slimes before we finally got it right. Since then, the kids have basically seeing me as the slime dealer that also feeds and clothes them. Since we’ve developed a bit of a flair for making slime, I’ve worked up the guts to go ahead and start selling it at my Etsy shop! We’ve had some pretty great success locally over the last few days, so we’re hoping that this little venture will grow into something thriving and fun. If you have kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc that love slime, please check us out! I make every since batch by hand in my kitchen, and all of our recipes have been VERY thoroughly tested by our in-house slime testing team, ha!


Finally, I was BLOWN AWAY when I used the hashtag #flourishandtots on Instagram and saw how many ADORABLE giraffes are out there! I can’t believe that little guy has traveled so far and been made by so many talented crocheters. I am so, so honored that you all chose to use my pattern. It warmed my heart! THANK YOU!

I plan to be much more active here as I continue on with writing patterns and working on slimes. Thanks so much to all of you who follow me, I am so happy that you’re here!



Easy Elmo Agmigurumi (Free Pattern Coming Soon!)

I whipped this little guy up on a Saturday afternoon for Haidyn, the daughter of my friends Jeffrey and Michael.


I didn’t take notes as I went along, so I am still working on writing up an official pattern. I’m hoping to have a free pattern up and available for this Elmo soon! He is very simple, just several easy to make parts and a felt mouth sewn on.

Isn’t he adorable?

❤ Devan

Easy Crochet Baby Blanket

3 and a half years ago, our friends Jeffrey and Michael brought home their super adorable daughter, Haidyn. I wanted to make something special for her as a baby shower gift, and I decided on this sweet and simple blanket.

The pattern is one from Lion Brand. I usually have a hard time finding good patterns from them, because most of them pretty outdated. They do have great afghan patterns though (including the 5 1/2 hour throw, which I have been dying to put to the test) and of course this pattern, The Carson City Afghan, which was the inspiration for this project. Here’s a look at the picture provided in the pattern:

The pattern calls for Baby’s First yarn from Lion Brand, but I went for Vanna’s Choice in Pink instead. I’m a huge fan of Vanna’s Choice for a lot of reasons. The colors are extremely rich, the texture is lovely, and the yarn is machine washable. I just can’t get enough of this yarn.

This pattern used a K hook, which was awesome in the interest of time. I managed to punch this blanket out in about a week’s worth of short evening sessions. The V Stitch pattern (made by a very simple dc1, ch1, dc1) works up fast and is also very pretty when it’s all done. (I posted a picture of a closeup of the pattern below) Instead of the frilly edge shown in the pattern, I opted for a single crochet around the outside to make it look a little neater. I was already planning on embellishing the blanket with a letter H, and I didn’t want it to look to busy.

As for the H, I worked 13 or so rows of 3 sc (made 2) and attached them with a couple more rows of sc. Then I went around in a sc to outline the entire letter. I didn’t follow the pattern, but you can find an awesome alphabet pattern here.

Completed, with the H attached.

Happy birthday, Haidyn!

Proud Papas

Meeting my twin nieces Makenzie and Alexis for the first time… They weren’t too sure about her!

Haidyn is growing up so fast… For her second birthday I made her this Elmo amigurumi! Ashley and I are planning a trip to Disneyland this September with Haidyn and her dads, and I’ve already gotten a request from her for a Picachu. (And her papa Jeffrey wants a whale… I better get working…)

❤ Devan

Mario Plushie

My wife is a recovering Mario addict. A couple years ago, this bad boy made an awesome birthday present for her.

The only issue I had with this project was the eyes. I somehow managed to make him completely cross-eyed. It’s something I will have to go back and fix down the line. For now, she couldn’t care less.

I did make one modification to this pattern from WolfDreamer (you can find some really, really amazing work at the WolfDreamer blog!) Instead of crocheting the hair and mustache, I cut them from felt and hand sewed them onto the doll. All in all, I think this turned out quite well, For a long time it was the biggest thing I had ever made!




I have a cousin who has been badgering me for a Luigi, I will have to try him next!

❤ Devan

Adventures in Embroidery

Over the two years it took us to get pregnant, we became very close with the staff at our fertility clinic.

We loved the nurse who took such good physical and (probably more) emotional care of us so much that we are actually naming our daughter after her. Our daughter will be Harper Andersen, Andersen being our nurse Lisa’s last name. For her, I made  a happy uterus:



For our doctor, Shane, I wanted to make something Seinfeld related since he is a huge fan.


Embroidery is one of those things that I enjoy, but I am a complete and utter novice. As much fun as these were, I think I will stick to crochet and machine sewing for now!

❤ Devan

Elephant Snuggle

It’s a big time for babies in my life right now… not only is my wife pregnant with twins but my little sister gave birth to my sweet little nephew, Kimball, last week. I have made something for each of my nieces and nephews and I knew that whatever I made for Sarah and Kimball would have to be elephant related – my sister is obsessed with elephants!

In my search for elephant crochet patterns, I came across the Elephant Snuggle from Dandennis. I thought it would be perfect ❤

I ran a bit short on time because my sister had to be induced a week early. Because of that, I had to spend two lunch periods crocheting in the break room! At least it got done, just in time for the first time I got to hold him.






If you like this snuggle, be sure to check out the other amazing patterns on the Dandennis blog!

❤ Devan

Giraffe Amigurumi (Free Pattern!)



I have twin nieces, one of whom asked specifically for a giraffe after she saw the Elephant Snuggle that I made for my newborn nephew. I wrote this pattern with ease and adorability in mind. This would be perfect for a new baby or a child with a safari-themed nursery or bedroom! This sweet fellow is quick to whip up, and you can even add a bow if you prefer your giraffes female.

I have to admit, this is technically not amigurumi. This giraffe will end up sitting about 10.5″ tall.


To make this doll, you will need the following things:

– Knowledge of basic crochet stitches and abbreviations.

– Worsted weight yarn in two colors of your choice – one for the main body (Color 1) and one for the accents (Color 2)

– Scissors

– A yarn or embroidery needle

– Safety eyes (or buttons, it’s up to you!)

– Stuffing of your choice

–  Size G crochet hook

The Pattern:


(Using Color 1)

Round 1: Ch2, 6sc in 1st Ch (Or, 6sc in Magic Ring) (6)

Round 2: {1inc} x 6 (12)

Round 3: {1sc, 1inc} x 6 (18)

Round 4: {2sc, 1inc} x 6 (24)

Round 5: {3sc, 1inc} x 6 (30)

Round 6: {4sc, 1inc} x 6 (36)

Round 7: {5sc, 1inc} x 6 (42)

Rounds 8-14: 42sc (42)

Round 15: {5sc, 1dec} x 6 (36)

Round 16: {4sc, 1dec} x 6  (30)

Round 17: {3sc, 1dec} x 6 (24)

Start stuffing body, continue stuffing until body is finished.

Rounds 18-22: 24sc x 6 (24)

Round 23: {2sc, 1dec} x 6 (18)

Rounds 24-28: 18sc (18)

Round 29: {1sc, 1 dec} x 6 (12)

Rounds 30-32: 12sc (12)

Finish off, weave in ends.


Front Legs:

(Make 2)

Round 1: Ch2, 6sc in 1st Ch (or 6sc in Magic Ring) (6)

Round 2: {1inc} x 6 (12)

Round 3: {1sc, 1inc} x 6 (18)

Round 4: {2sc, 1inc} x 6 (24)

Rounds 5 & 6: 24sc (24)

Rounds 7: Change to Color 1, 24sc (24)

Round 8: 24sc (24)

Round 9: {2sc, 1dec} x 6 (18)

Round 10: 18sc (18)

Round 11: {1sc, 1dec} x 6 (12)

Rounds 12-18: 12sc (12)

Finish off, leave tail to attach to body.

Stuff legs.


Back Legs:

(Make 2)

Round 1: Ch2, 6sc in 1st Ch (or 6sc in Magic Ring) (6)

Round 2: {1inc} x 6 (12)

Round 3: {1sc, 1inc} x 6 (18)

Round 4: {2sc, 1inc} x 6 (24)

Rounds 5 & 6: 24sc (24)

Rounds 7: Change to Color 1, 24sc (24)

Round 8: 24sc (24)

Round 9: {2sc, 1dec} x 6 (18)

Round 10-13: 18sc (18)

Finish off, leave tail to attach to body.

Stuff legs.



(Make 2 in Color 1)

Round 1: Ch2, 6sc in 1st Ch (or 6sc in Magic Ring) (6)

Round 2: {1inc} x 6 (12)

Round 3-8: 12sc (12)

Fold ear in half, secure with 1sl.





Finish off, leave tail to attach to body.


Ossiclones (Head bumps):

(Make 2 in Color 2)

Round 1: Ch2, 6sc in 1st Ch (or 6sc in Magic Ring) (6)

Round 2: {1inc} x 6 (12)

Round 3 & 4: 12sc (12)

Round 5: {1dec} x 6 (6)

Stuff top rounded part of ossicone.

Rounds 6 & 8: 6sc (6)

Finish off, leave tail to attach to body.



(Make in Color 1)

Round 1: Ch2, 6sc in 1st Ch (Or, 6sc in Magic Ring) (6)

Round 2: {1inc} x 6 (12)

Round 3: {1sc, 1inc} x 6 (18)

Round 4: {2sc, 1inc} x 6 (24)

Rounds 5 & 6: 24sc (24)

Finish off, leave tail to attach to body.

Sew two french knots for nostrils.

Stuff before attaching to head.



Round 1: Ch2, 6sc in 1st Ch (Or, 6sc in Magic Ring) (6)

Round 2: {1inc} x 6 (12)

Round 3: {1sc, 1inc} x 6 (18)

Round 4: {2sc, 1inc} x 6 (24)

Round 5: {3sc, 1inc} x 6 (30)

Round 6: {4sc, 1inc} x 6 (36)

Round 7: {5sc, 1inc} x 6 (42)

Rounds 8-14: 42sc (42)

Round 15: {5sc, 1dec} x 6 (36)

Round 16: {4sc, 1dec} x 6  (30)

Round 17: {3sc, 1dec} x 6 (24)

Round 18: {2sc,1dec} (18)

Round 19: {1sc, 1dec} (12)

Stuff head, leave tail to attach to body.



(Make 7 in Color 2)

Round 1: Ch2, 6sc in 1st Ch (Or, 6sc in Magic Ring) (6)

Round 2: {1inc} x 6 (12)

Sl in next Sc, finish off. Leave tail to attach to body.



– Attach nose, ears, ossicones and safety eyes to head, then attach head to body.

– Attach all four legs to round bottom part of body.

– To make a tail, cut three pieces of yarn twice as long as you would like your fail to be. Insert hook into a loop in the bottom of the body to pull the yarn half-way through. Separate the yarn and braid, finishing with a square knot.




– Sew spots to body.

Your giraffe is now complete! Don’t forget to share your finished product on Instagram (#flourishandtots)

Happy hooking! ❤