What We’ve Been Up To!

Hello out there! It’s been quite a busy few weeks here, and I have lots to share!

Slime has all but taken over our lives here. My poor wife and roommate… Amazon is dropping off Elmer’s glue by the gallon and there is always glitter covering a majority of the surfaces of our kitchen! I have to say though, this little slime experiment has been pretty positive for me so far! My Etsy shop is starting to get some steady traffic and it seems like this may turn into a pretty decent side hustle. Fantastic! The kids never complain about a hearty supply of slime either, they love drowning all of their toys in it.



But Mama has been working on something EXTRA special for the non-slime folks out there! Crochet patterns! I have been working on this mermaid pattern for about a month, and I am 80% sure I’ll have it up in my Etsy shop this weekend if I can manage to get the pdf looking right! I just wanted to share this because it cracks me up and it’s a perfect example of just how much trial and error goes into writing a pattern. When I first started out on my rough draft for this little merlady, I was increasing in the round in the typical amigurumi increments (increasing by 6 each inc round) but I was only increasing every 4-6 rounds. HUGE mistake! I ended up with the most bizarre, bloated, misshapen tail I could imagine. You know it’s bad when you send a pic to the wife and she says “WHAT IS THAT?” So you have to send a pic again but with some crudely drawn body parts for reference.



Rest assured, the final product looks waaaaay less janky! My second draft was promptly adopted by my daughter, who named her Skipper.


A bit of an improvement, no? Skipper paved the way for the even more improved final draft version, whom my son has dibs on and has pre-named “Gack-ack” (Quite literally his name for EVERYTHING lately!) While she’s super pretty and I want to show her off, I don’t want to spoil the reveal of her pattern! I will say that she has a face! This pattern has truly been a labor of love, and I’m thrilled to share it with you once the finishing touches are done. Just like the slimes, I know my kids are not complaining about Mama’s side gig! Crochet mermaids everywhere and lots of slime to ruin them with… who could wish for more?

Happy crafting!



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