Easy Crochet Baby Blanket

3 and a half years ago, our friends Jeffrey and Michael brought home their super adorable daughter, Haidyn. I wanted to make something special for her as a baby shower gift, and I decided on this sweet and simple blanket.

The pattern is one from Lion Brand. I usually have a hard time finding good patterns from them, because most of them pretty outdated. They do have great afghan patterns though (including the 5 1/2 hour throw, which I have been dying to put to the test) and of course this pattern, The Carson City Afghan, which was the inspiration for this project. Here’s a look at the picture provided in the pattern:

The pattern calls for Baby’s First yarn from Lion Brand, but I went for Vanna’s Choice in Pink instead. I’m a huge fan of Vanna’s Choice for a lot of reasons. The colors are extremely rich, the texture is lovely, and the yarn is machine washable. I just can’t get enough of this yarn.

This pattern used a K hook, which was awesome in the interest of time. I managed to punch this blanket out in about a week’s worth of short evening sessions. The V Stitch pattern (made by a very simple dc1, ch1, dc1) works up fast and is also very pretty when it’s all done. (I posted a picture of a closeup of the pattern below) Instead of the frilly edge shown in the pattern, I opted for a single crochet around the outside to make it look a little neater. I was already planning on embellishing the blanket with a letter H, and I didn’t want it to look to busy.

As for the H, I worked 13 or so rows of 3 sc (made 2) and attached them with a couple more rows of sc. Then I went around in a sc to outline the entire letter. I didn’t follow the pattern, but you can find an awesome alphabet pattern here.

Completed, with the H attached.

Happy birthday, Haidyn!

Proud Papas

Meeting my twin nieces Makenzie and Alexis for the first time… They weren’t too sure about her!

Haidyn is growing up so fast… For her second birthday I made her this Elmo amigurumi! Ashley and I are planning a trip to Disneyland this September with Haidyn and her dads, and I’ve already gotten a request from her for a Picachu. (And her papa Jeffrey wants a whale… I better get working…)

❤ Devan


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