Welcome to Flourish and Tots!

My name is Devan, and I adore all things handmade!

Nothing is lovelier than a unique, handmade gift for a new parent-to-be, and that is why I love to make items that are specifically for little ones. You can find handmade gifts such as pacifier clips, crib sheets, nursing pillow covers (such as the Boppy pillow), Bumbo floor seat covers, hand crocheted dolls and toys, and DIY patterns at my Etsy shop, Flourish and Tots. (Coming soon!)

You can find free crochet patterns here on my blog that are easy for any new or experienced crocheter to follow.

If you are brand new to crochet and would like to learn the basic stitches and methods required to follow patterns, D’s Crochet Bootcamp covers all the fundamentals you will need to know to create almost anything! (Coming soon!)


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Julia

    This pattern is amazing. Can it be used commercially? I don’t mean us selling the pattern but making the animals using your pattern to then sell on or compliment our business products in marketing photos? We are new to this so not sure what the rules are and don’t want to breach your copyright. Or can we use the pattern to make animals if we credit you with providing us with the pattern? Many thanks



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